About the Jinrui Aizenkai



( Universal Love and Brotherhood Association—ULBA )

Onisaburo Deguchi, Founder of Jinrui Aizenkai

Jinrui Aizenkai ( Universal Love and Brotherhood Association—ULBA ) is an organization which promotes a spiritual movement to strive to bring about world peace and the happiness of all people on this planet, without discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, or belief.

This association was founded on June 9, 1925 by Onisaburo Deguchi, the Founder of Jinrui Aizenkai.

At present, ULBA is led by Oomoto’s Fifth Spiritual Leader-Kurenai Deguchi and ULBA is carrying out activities which are earning the praise of many people both at home and abroad.

It’s General Headquarters is located in Kameoka, Japan. Today, there are 600 ULBA branches overseen by 60 councils in Japan.

Overseas, there are one headquarters in Brazil, one center in Mongolia, and other branches are located in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Palau, and Sri Lanka.


This association pledges to devote its best efforts to further the cause of universal brotherhood, to bring about friendship and union among men, and to bring forth a world of light filled with bliss and joy for all eternity.

First of all, men are by nature brethren, and of one flesh. From the depth of the souls of all men comes a desire to return to this basic principle, the highest ideal of humankind.

However, in recent years, social conditions have taken a sudden turn for the worse, public morals have become ever more corrupt, and the hearts of men have grown hard —- a truly grievous trend.

If the world goes on in this way, the future will be certain to teach us a very hard lesson.

Therefore, in order to escape from this calamity, we must move forward to transcend all human barriers such as differences of race, nationality, and religion, and awaken to the noble cause of universal brotherhood.

At the same time we must go on to build a world of everlasting understanding and enlightenment on this earth.

For these reasons this association has been established.


Onisaburo Deguchi taught us – all religions spring from the same source, and are of a common origin – , and advocated that it was the noble cause of humankind to realize the ideal of world peace by living in the joy doing God’s work.

The spirit of Jinrui Aizen–Universal Love and Brotherhood, means to embrace every single thing in the universe with Love coming from God, that is to say, to eradicate social evils and their causes, such as human selfishness and the preying of the strong upon the weak.

Upholding the principles of – All Religions Spring From the Same Source – , and – The World is One -, ULBA is promoting the following activities : the interfaith movement, the World Federation movement, and the spread of an international common language through the Esperanto movement.

The world of love and brotherhood this association is aiming at implies not only a world without wars but also a world in which all living things exist together happily and harmoniously — including all groups and kinds of people, birds, animals, insects, fish, plants, and trees — by removing the fundamental hostilities between religions and races.


1. The world is one, and all men are naturally brothers.

2. War and violence must be rendered impossible.

3. Social evils and their causes, such as selfishness or the strong preying on the weak, must be eradicated.

4. Learn to respect all of mankind and to live in the joy of work.

5. Learn to love nature and to protect life and health.

6. Respect all indigenous cultures, while striving for international understanding and exchange.

7. Resolve to realize the ideal of world peace, based on an understanding of the common origin of all religions, and on universal love and brotherhood.