OUTLINE OF OOMOTO 5 of aizenkai




Having experienced the agony as a tenant farmer himself, and soundly known the miserable plight of the needy peasant, Kisaburo's chivalrous mind was a whirlpool of sympathy with the weak and resistance to the strong. He even had several encounters which caused neighborhood ruffians to bear grudges against him.
It was on the evening - 28th of February 1898, when he was suddenly assaulted by a gang of terrorists - he was surrounded, kicked and thrashed severely. He might have been beaten to death, except for the timely rescue of by his friend.
Kisaburo was brought to a small restaurant and in one of the rooms he had to lie down with bedclothes pulled over his head on account of the bad bruising.
He meant to hind there, but his mother came abruptly, calling her son's name, followed by his grandmother, aged 85. With tears, both women by turns admonished and chided his habitual rashness.
And well they might, for the formerly pious your man had forgotten the way of God and had been touched with philosophy of atheism. Their reproof was a home-thrust for the rash youth; he felt as if his heart would break with deep penitence, so strong as to deprive him of his senses. He entered a state of spiritual ecstasy.
Meanwhile, a Holy massager in European clothes came to him to take to Mt. Takakuma. It was on the following night.
He left a scroll on his desk with the following massage in verse:
A bird I am soaring in the sky
O'er the clouds so high
Forgetting myself to observe
People far down below
Enslaved by joys and grief's
Make gestures in every wise!
How funny the human world!
Only I hope I may not fall
Through too much interested spectacle
May God abide with me!
The next morning found him sitting in the mouth of a cave on nearby Mt. Takakuma - which was among the mountains of the village border. Taking neither food nor drink, his week long, unprecedented ascetic meditation began.
By this crucial practice, he experienced an initiation; that is his soul left the earthly hull and soared into the spirit world.
There he received innumerable mystical revelations regarding heaven and hell. His detailed memories of such separation-of-body-and soul experiences were dictated and published, after 23-year intervals to make one of the most important canons of the Oomoto religion. There 81 volumes of the Reikai Monogatari. (Stories from the spirit world)
When he returned home, about midday - 7th of March, he had already gained knowledge of the universe and for the first time he had consciousness of his mission as the savior of mankind. Early in the morning, two days later, his whole body became stiff and immovable, his soul made a further trip to the ethereal world of another week.
That was a turning point in his career. The heavenly precept he received utterly changed his way of living: he quickly turned over to other people all worldly affairs, such as dairy farming, so that he might devote himself solely to the preaching of his new doctrines.
But, a prophet has little honor in his own country. There was on one who would easily lend his ear to him. Some kind friends of his then suggested that it would be best for him to practice healing at first.
Accordingly, one day a girl -18 years old, having suffered from a server toothache for two years was brought to him. He received her kindly and after purification - prayed ardently for her, the young girl was cured from her aliment.
This was the first instance of his healing the sick. He then gave sight to the blind and the use of limbs to the lame. The news spread widely with the result that a lot of patients visited him to be relieved of suffering and illness.
In April the same year, a talisman distributor from the Inari Kosha (God of Harvest Religion Association) happened to visit him. Through the massager Kisburo came to know Shinto priest Katsutate Nagasawa, President of the Association, who was a great scholar of psychic affairs. Under this famous mystics instruction, he greatly advanced in his occult science and ethereality, and accomplished the scared method of Chinkon-Kishin. (A Divine Method for the Union of Man and God's Spirit)