OUTLINE OF OOMOTO 2 of aizenkai




It was according to the lunar calendar on New Years day 1892 – when Nao was 56 years old that she found herself in a dream among great and small palaces and lofty halls on either side. Their sublimity and beauty were beyond description.
She entered a front gate and looked around, finding a divine man with noble and handsome features – a tall and heavily built body with long flowing hair of a holy appearance. She had been quite absorbed in her surroundings until the god like man got up from his seat – advancing towards her, leading her far into the interior. Then making her wait downstairs of the innermost palace, he alone went up into the inside to report something to the throne.
After a while when the god like man returned to his former seat, Nao hurriedly fled out the gate, she turned in the direction, which seemed to be northeast. Nao found a great gate within which she perceived far more colossal and sublime temples that the ones she had first seen. The noblest one was built of gold, silver and precious stones, which were fascinating to the human eyes.
There Nao saw the great God who was very scared and graceful in appearance, he stood up serenely from the throne – stepped up to her with a smile staring into her face for some time and then retuned to his seat.
Awe-stricken to the bottom of her heart she intended to run out of the gate having been so blessed and so grateful but the gate had already been firmly closed to allow for clam reflection.
She at once opened the gates and ran as fast as possible for some distance. She stopped; it was here Nao found a beautiful house, where she saw Masagoro sitting happily. Nao jumped for joy.
They talked and talked, completely losing track of time. Nao wanted to tell her children and others about this happy encounter, and to explain to people how sacred, happy and peaceful living is in this place after death.
With this intention Nao was about to leave when all at once she came back to the material world – how cold were the winds that were howling in through the crevices of the derelict house. The night was far advanced and she heard the breathing of her sleeping little ones near by.
Beginning then she wandered through the same visionary world many times until one day she felt her whole body shake all over and become filled with divine emotions. The next day too, she felt the same.
In the beginning Nao would not believe that such a superior divine spirit was responding through her. She doubted, questioned and demanded that the miraculous being within her should reveal him-self.
Then immediately a spirit burst forth within her straining her whole body and spoke through her lips with a strong and noble voice saying “I am Ushitora-No-Konjin”.
Yet, her doubts were not easily dispelled; however, Nao attained a marvelous stage of divine inspiration - finally with full awareness of the divine spirit. This was the beginning of her psychic ability.
Nao’s psychic ability was followed successively by innumerable events. For example; One day Nao planted a “RHONDA JAPONICA” (Oomoto in Japanese) in the garden and cried out with a loud voice, “This is the Great Foundation of the World” – Teaching of the First Cause, shall be preached. Hence; the name of the Oomoto Religion.
By pure logic, everyday standards that which was said and done by Nao are mostly enigmas. She intended to preach to the villagers but they were unable to understand which caused much misunderstandings and even derision.
Ayabe was the subject to frequent subversive fires at that time when Nao proclaimed, “greater events and strange happenings in the world are all the bridges and ways for this God to go across. Therefore think about what is happening in the world and you will be able to know Gods plan and you will truly be penitent.
This was why Nao was apprehended and detained by police on suspicion of arson. Nao never ceased to cry out during this detention but later the real offender was arrested – in the mean time Nao was released.
However, they ordered Nao to be kept under control as a lunatic; so her relatives and the villagers took the matter over with the result that a room for confinement was made, which in Nao was muted. During this confinement Nao was silenced. During this incarceration; came a change. Nao stopped shouting and began scratching words into the wall with a nail instead.