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Opposition To Organ Transplants From Brain-Dead Patients

 We oppose the transplanting of organs from brain-dead patients.

 Jinrui Aizenkai (Universal Love and Brotherhood Association---ULBA) has issued a statement, based on the teaching of the Founder Onisaburo Deguchi, that - brain death is not a death -. We assert, - Essentially man consists of soul and flesh : soul is primal and flesh is secondary.

 We believe that man dies when his heart stops beating, and his soul completely separates from his flesh. We do not accept that a man is dead while his heart still beats. -

 Therefore, We do not condone causing a man to die by extracting his heart or other internal organs from the living body of a brain-dead patient . We denounce this practice as legalized murder.

 Jinrui Aizenkai has actively opposes these transplants. We printed non-donor cards and distributed widely. We gave lectures on the topic throughout Japan, which were well attended. And we collected 871,571 signatures from opponents of organ transplants from brain-dead patients and submitted them to the Minister of Public Welfare.

 We will continue our campaign against revising the law which aims to organ transplant from brain-dead patients younger than 15.

 We also will extend our campaign against gene-splicing, research into embryonic stem (ES) cell and the development of cloning technology.

Support for abolishing the death penalty

 We give our wholehearted support to abolishing the death penalty from the position of protecting the dignity of life.

 Public opinion in Japan now favors the death penalty in part because of such recent dreadful crimes as infanticide. People naturally harbor resentment against criminals and sympathy toward victims.

 We understand these feelings, however, we cannot accept the death penalty that arbitarily takes the life of a human being.

 Man must not kill people.

 Society must embrace this ethic. Abolition of the death penalty is a milepost on the road to a society in which people value all lives.

 At the same time, the social structure that supports the victims warmly both materially and mentally is neccessary.


 Every year, thirteen million children are dying of poverty, chronic malnourishment, and disease.

 Also, many people are suffering from natural calamities and the effects of war.

 Accoordingly, Jinrui Aizenkai established the Aizen Fund to promote relief activities for such people, and is carrying forward its street collection of donations as well as members' contribution with saving a bowl of rice.


1. The world is one, and all men are naturally brothers.

2. War and violence must be rendered impossible.

3. Social evils and their causes, such as selfishness or the strong preying on the weak, must be eradicated.

4. Learn to respect all of mankind and to live in the joy of work.

5. Learn to love nature and to protect life and health.

6. Respect all indigenous cultures, while striving for international understanding and exchange.

7. Resolve to realize the ideal of world peace, based on an understanding of the common origin of all religions, and on universal love and brotherhood.



◆What's New

The Appeal for Peace by the Oomoto Foundation and ULBA

It has been 70 years since the end of the Second World War, which we believe was the worst warfare in human history, where 80 million precious lives were sacrificed. At present we see multiple battles of war continuing, without any sign of stopping globally. Also with an ulterior motive, confrontation of interests among Super powers seems that we are really in a critical condition and on the verge of heading for a third world war.
God, created all things in this universe, and is the parent for all human beings. Through the eyes of God, we are God’s children and all men and women are brothers and sisters. So naturally we should not kill each other even from an ethical point of view. However, this simple common ethic of not killing each other is another matter in question.
As Japan had a harrowing experience including the atomic bombings, after the war we made the unflinching resolution not to repeat the same tragedy of war again. And for the first time in the world we enacted a pacifist and war-renouncing constitution. The Japanese Government turned over a new leaf in order to put an end to the tragic human history completely, covered with hostilities.
Now, is the time for the Japanese Government of Japan to appeal our countries peaceful spirit and to reflect the Japanese Constitution to lead the way of world peace.
Onisaburo Deguchi, the co-founder of Oomoto, and the first president of ULBA, who was incarcerated during the war, Oomoto was persecuted by the then-militaristic state. The severity of this oppression was the first and last of its kind in Japan.
He said ‘’ the way we lead to the peaceful society does not depend on the military strength but whether people observe the way of faithfulness with the way of heaven. ‘’ “ So as to stick to the Japanese mind, we should sometimes act beyond gains and losses. This is the distinctive principle of Japan. - Japan is responsible for saving the world.
Namely, according to Onisaburo Deguchi, to bring about true peace, the most important thing is not military strength, but, a mind of loving kindness and compassion for all living creatures. It is imperative that the world be governed with morality.
Especially Japan and the Japanese people are endowed with the mission and responsibility to save the world.
Japan in ancient times absorbed, assimilated and beautified various cultures and techniques and cultivated ‘’ the mind of harmony’’ which is the Spiritual Culture with the capacity to embrace other views. Reflecting on this spiritual culture of which Japan can be proud of before the whole world, we would not just pursue the profit of our own country nor be distracted by the prospect of immediate gain, instead we will help each other and transcend international boarders so that people in the world will lead a happy life for ever. Japan should be the country with dignity so that people in the rest of the world respect and trust us.
However concerning the recent bill (Security Bill) of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), we feel immediately threatened, our longstanding peaceful behavior for 70 years is endangered. This bill might lead us in the wrong direction from our peaceful loving State.
Also both the challenge of TPP and the problems of restarting of atomic power generators have a lot in common, both exert a far-reaching influence on food, agriculture, environment and health care etc. We can see the human self-conceit, which can be said egotism as in “a dog-eat-dog world”.
We, Oomoto and ULBA based on the peaceful mind of the Japanese Constitution pledge to the world and contribute to realize with various activities hand in hand the true peace and respect for all the living things in life by rectifying the trend of egoism and the strong preying upon the weak.

August 7 2015